Video Ugly: Amy Winehouse’s Racist Rant

A video depicting Amy Winehouse and a fellow crackhead singing an extremely racist version of “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” has hit the Internet.

In the clip, filmed by Winehouse’s currently jailed hubby, Blake Fielder-Civil, and posted by Britain’s News of the World, Fielder-Civil can be heard urging Winehouse to sing and repeatedly assuring her and her duet partner that he is not taping. The crackheads don’t notice the red recording light on the handicam. Why? Because they’re crackheads.

“Well done,” Blake says after the uncomfortably racist ditty. “I promise I wasn’t recording.”

The full video, from May 2007, also contains footage of Winehouse unconscious on a couch while Fielder-Civil asks a friend to explain what Winehouse had taken to make her pass out.

“Bit of [ecstasy], little bit [cocaine] and a few beers, watched telly, smoked crack,” the friend says.

Released by a former friend of the couple, the video’s intent is to show the public what a hold Fielder-Civil has on Winehouse. Uh, the crack might have somewhat of a “hold” over her as well.

Reaction to the tape has been swift and sure, and Amy has already stepped up with a hastily mumbled apology. As reporters besieged her on the well-trod steps of her London flat, she can be heard saying, “I don’t want to play anything down, but I’m the least racist person going.”

Nice way to show it, Ames. This is not the first video clip to stir up trouble for Amy. She was cleared of charges stemming from a video leaked earlier this year in which she is seen smoking crack.

Now her partner in crime Fielder-Civil has had a change of heart, recently changing his plea to guilty in the middle of his trial for “causing grievous bodily harm” and “perverting the course of justice.” He will be sentenced at a later date.

Here’s hoping hubby’s willingness to accept responsibility and move on will rub off on Amy’s future endeavors.