Brody Jenner Out of Closet with ‘Bromance’

After weeks of online chatter hinted that Brody Jenner would be getting his own MTV reality series, that harrowing reality has finally been confirmed.

The network that has given the world Next and The ’70s House has ordered six episodes of Bromance.

Set to be produced by Ryan Seacrest’s production company (the evil geniuses behind Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Denise Richards: It’s Complicated), the series is a competition show.

In a startling departure from the Paris Hilton’s My New BFF formula, Bromance will exploit a desperate group of “regular guys” trying to worm their way into a friendship with Jenner.

Reportedly, the contestants will engage in a series of challenges, such as facing the paparazzi, skydiving (huh?) and having a conversation with Spencer Pratt without punching him in the face.

The winner earns the chance to be included in Brody’s entourage but must resist the impulse to punch him in the face.

“Hot Tub Elimination Ceremonies” are held at the end of each episode, and losers are banished in their wet swim trunks, luggage in hand.

Wow. How very MILF Island.