Call Him Diddy, Dammit!

Contrary to a story “being blogged all over the world,” Sean Combs has not reverted to any of his previous monikers.

The rumors swirled after Diddy, or whatever his label is, contributed some raps to his former stylist O’Neal McKnight’s first single: “They call me Puff Daddy…he’s back/ Yeah, you heard me right/ I said Puff Daddy/ I’m about to back on that Puff Daddy sh*t.”

And the world picked it up, with reports aplenty chronicling the change and asking why he’d go back to a name he’d finally shed.

Then he took to YouTube to protest the reports. “I did not change my name, I did not change my name, I did not change my name,” the rapper said, with just a hint of mocking irony, eventually seguing to a king-of-the-world rant.

The world picked it up again. And now the joke, friends, is on us.  This guy can work it like nobody’s business. Truth is, he doesn’t care what we call him, as long as we do.

Now, maybe we should stop.

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