Coolio: Not Licensed to Chill

Oh, how the mightily braided have fallen.

Used to be that Coolio was on top of the world with his orchestral rap hit “Gangsta’s Paradise.”

These days he engages in low-key drama with the po-po and gets dissed by restaurant staff.

According to TMZ, Coolio (né Artis Leon Ivey Jr.) was taken into custody by cops in Hollywood early this morning, after police pulled the rapper over in his 1996 Hummer for a minor traffic violation and discovered he had a warrant.

The outstanding charge stemmed from a 2001 suspended-license incident in San Bernardino County, California. After spending some time in the pokey, Coolio was eventually released on $10,000 bail.

The arrest capped a perfectly miserable evening, as the rapper was earlier denied entry to West Hollywood eatery One Sunset and then hassled staffers about a refund on his valet fee.

Bad move, Cools. When you’re deemed not hip enough to enter a restaurant that even Pauly Shore can probably snag a table at, it’s best not to hang around and draw attention to that fact by making a scene.

Ever the gentleman, he made matters worse by deeming One Sunset a hotbed of racism, theorizing he was perhaps “a little too dark” for the restaurant’s liking. If he had gotten in, “maybe I wouldn’t have gone to jail,” he opined.

Holy conspiracy theories, Batman! You mean the police and One Sunset are in this together? Maybe Coolio should compare notes with this guy.

Or maybe there’s a simpler explanation. Perhaps the chef didn’t want Coolio stealing any recipes for his Internet cooking show.

Ha, ha, Coolio has an Internet cooking show.

Now there’s something to really be emarrassed about.

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