Courteney Cox Almost Free from the Burden of Aniston

Former Dirt star Courteney Cox was at the Time for Heroes Celebrity Carnival in L.A. on Sunday afternoon when she was asked if best friend Jennifer Aniston was happy.

“Yes, she is.” Courteney answered. Aniston recently introduced BFF Cox to her new boyfriend, singer John Mayer. Aniston and Mayer were photographed at a party at Courteney and husband David Arquette’s house in Malibu last weekend. Then Cox, Aniston and Mayer were videotaped dining at Madeo restaurant with Tobey Maguire’s wife, Jennifer Meyer, last week.

Offloading a clingy friend onto her new man has to be done gradually, so the friend doesn’t get wind that you’re trying to finally get some alone time with your husband—as Aniston was at Cox’s home sans Mayer on Sunday. David Arquette must have been wondering if Aniston had lost yet another dude and locked himself in the garage again just in case, to escape the tears and recriminations.

Aniston reportedly clung to Cox and Arquette like a barnacle on a barge after her infamous split with ex-husband Brad Pitt in 2005. Cox and Arquette accompanied Aniston and Pitt on a trip to the Caribbean just one day before the couple announced they were over. That trip must not have been tense at all. Arquette was probably downing the mai tais like a champ just to get through it.

At the same event, Cox reasoned that Dirt got the ax because the writers’ strike had resulted in a shortened second season and poor ratings.

She said she and her coproducer hubby are working on other projects. Like changing their security system’s passcode so that Aniston can’t get back in when this latest relationship implodes.