Eva Longoria's Got a Brand-New Bag?

Are the Eva Longoria Parker pregnancy rumors true? They come and go...and now they're back. If not with child, the Desperate Housewives vixen might want to lay off the snacks.

Eva and her hubby, San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker, swung by Armani Exchange in New York's Flatiron District with stylist Robert Verdi yesterday.

While indulging her retail addiction, Eva appeared to be sporting a midsection protuberance under her little black dress and seemed to hold her shopping bag at an odd angle, perhaps to obscure a fetal resident ensconced in her womb.

It wouldn't be surprising. If any woman would seem eager to prenatally expose her child to designer brands, it would be Eva. Perhaps she's hoping her kid-to-be will absorb her sartorial tastes through osmosis.



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  • cdawg

    Not yet kids!

  • hispanicatthedisco

    And once again, my paternal status is overlooked by the media. There's a conspiracy afoot here.

  • lisatee

    her baby would fit in a thimble

  • hwoodgrrl

    I think she looks fine. She likes the attention so she's just drawing this out by wearing loose-fitting clothes.

  • flirtyfabulous

    She has such a nice figure... don't ruin it with a baby!

  • neverneverland

    i think she is pregnant!!!! too many coincidences if she's not

  • cameronkitty

    she probably actually ate a meal

  • missamericandream

    i doubt it guys...seriously? you think tony parker can be a daddy?