Gary Busey Checks in to 'Celebrity Rehab'—as a Counselor

Could the cure on season two of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew be worse than the disease?

VH1 has announced the participants for the second season—which is slated to debut in October—and it sounds like it'll be a doozy once again. Season-one alum Jeff Conaway has reupped for another stint. His grim appearance at this year's TV Land Awards suggests he's a long way from overcoming his cocaine, booze and painkiller dependencies.

The cast will include Gary Busey, who, as a self-professed teetotaler of 13 years, will hover zanily over the whole affair and help guide the cast through the recovery process.

Uh-huh, that's right...Gary Busey. Whose brains are probably still scrambled from his 1988 "No helmet? No problem!" motorcycle crash. Who freaked out Jennifer Garner with his bizarre, grope-happy cameo on this year's Oscars broadcast. Who claims he has given his life over to Jesus. And who will probably try to "cure" the contestants by subjecting them to poison snakebites.

Shouldn't show host Dr. Drew Pinsky's license be revoked for this kind of negligence?

Conaway and Busey will be joined by '80s music-video siren Tawny Kitaen, American Idol alum Nikki McKibbin (also returning from last season), former Guns N' Roses skin-slapper Steven Adler, Rod Stewart scion Sean Stewart, model-actress Amber Smith and Rodney King, who has been in and out of trouble since his 1990s police-brutality videotaping sparked the L.A. riots, despite being awarded $3.8 million.

May God have mercy on them all.



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  • t

    nice comments. i wish all who attempt to be and stay sober a wonderful life and congrats on making an effort.regardless it changes your life for the better one step at a all the people who seem to be making judgement calls based on popularity pole or how peeple look go get a mirror and take a good look at yourself,THEN GET YOURSELF SOME HELP

  • lisatee

    hahaha..."the one to beat"

  • hispanicatthedisco

    I suspect Rodney King's gonna be the one to beat this season.

  • lisatee

    does he have a glass eye?

  • mraniston

    ugh, well i hope a few of them actually make it !

  • cameronkitty

    Dr. Drew's freakin awesome! Too bad all the celebs suck this season, and last season too!

  • missamericandream

    so many "celebs" on this season. NOT! Who are these people?

  • xoxojaniepie

    Omg he is so weird! I remember what happened at the Oscars and how freaked out Jennifer Garner and Laura Linney were LOL

  • gorillasayz

    oh dear god somebody find him a dentist

  • dancingqueen

    this show just takes celebs and turns them into little gerbils that we watch being tormented... and enjoy it.