Mariah Carey Takes a Spill

Mariah Carey might have the world wrapped around her little finger, but she’s still gravity’s bitch.

The singer was filming her latest music video, “I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time,” in Oahu, Hawaii, yesterday when she learned an important math lesson: Dance moves + high heels  + sand =  a dangerous combination.

Carey took a tumble and ended up with a mouthful of the Pacific Ocean. Judging from these pics of Mariah clutching her lower back, she might have done a little damage to something besides her ego in the process.

Because there’s no way in the world that Mariah Carey would needlessly stir up drama.  

Luckily her husband, the ever-gallant Nick Cannon, was on hand to stand by his girl and help her walk it off, presumably before rushing to the pharmacy to pick up the finest painkillers money can buy.

Which is a far nobler endeavor than the tasks he’s usually assigned to.

For the full set of Mariah-in-distress shots, check out Pacific Coast News Online.