Paris Hilton’s a Real Cutup

Many a victim of Paris Hilton Overload Syndrome has dreamed of the day some heroic soul would step forward and slice the heiress into pieces.

That moment came over the weekend, when Hilton volunteered to assist magicians Jeff Beacher and Nathan Burton with a trick at the Mirage Hotel & Casino.

As the video here shows, Beacher and Burton adroitly create the illusion that Hilton had been bisected beneath the teeth of their saw.

Sure, it’s not as impressive as the time Paris created the illusion that she had something worthwhile to contribute to society, but it’s a pretty keen trick nonetheless.

Unfortunately, just as quickly as the illusion was created, the magic duo restored Hilton to her original condition. As boyfriend Benji Madden and sister Nicky looked on from the audience, Hilton announced that being cut in half made her feel “sexy.”

No doubt it aroused certain emotions among viewers, too, especially during the frustrating resolution. Can’t anybody in this country finish a job these days?