Pete Doherty: Where Does all the Money Go?

Released from jail last month early, after spending time behind bars for parole violation, Pete Doherty’s next goal is to figure out what the hell happened to his finances.

Avoiding the obvious answer that he spent it all on drugs, Doherty has convinced himself that he has been swindled. According to the feebleminded Babyshambles singer, “I’ve got a few concerns at the moment over issues with management—where the money has been going and distribution of wealth.”

This investigation of Pete’s includes a serious sit-down with his bandmates to figure out “what’s happening and why, when and who with.”

However, Doherty’s self-destructive behavior may eventually cost him his band as well. Conflicting rumors swirl that guitarist Mick Whitnall is quitting to join Amy Winehouse’s touring band.

Whitnall has previously been romantically linked to Winehouse, an affair that ended his 15-year relationship with his girlfriend Hannah. Clearly, Mick likes mixing business with…drug-addled maniacs.