Sean Combs’ Identity Crisis

For a guy who’s seemingly so on top of his game, Sean Combs has sure seemed confused lately. First, he can’t seem to remember what brand of liquor he endorses. Then he apparently can’t tell the difference between himself and a pair of cuff links.

Now, he isn’t able to remember what his own name is, Us magazine reports.

Seven years after he abandoned the moniker Puff Daddy, Combs seems to readopt it on buddy O’Neal McKnight’s new single, “Check Your Coat.”

“They call me Puff Daddy…he’s back,” Combs raps on the tune. “Yeah, you heard me right/ I said Puff Daddy/ I’m about to back on that Puff Daddy sh*t.”

As if to cement the name change, Combs recently posted on his MySpace page, “This is your boy Puff Daddy!!! Yes Puff Daddy.”

But wait, a subsequent post announces, “This is your boy P.Diddy, the King of the Remix…”  And according to Combs’ rep, the switch back to Puff Daddy “is not true. There is no name change.”

This is all so sad. Combs is like an old man who strays from the retirement home and wanders the streets in his bathrobe. Then when police pick him up and try to get him home, he can’t even tell them what his name is or what street he lives on.

Maybe his peeps should sew name tags inside of all his underwear. It just might prevent such misunderstandings in the future.