Sienna Miller Has Joker Heath’s PJ’s

Actors and actresses know the deal. When it’s time to promote their latest films, that’s when the soul baring starts. And the last thing stars should do right before a huge publicity tour is break up.

Despite fevered press interest, Sienna Miller has been tight-lipped about her recent split from actor Rhys Ifans.

Shortly after she waxed poetic about their romance, she reportedly ended the affair as a result of the Welsh actor’s jealousy.

In a recent in-depth interview with the Telegraph, Miller said simply, “The press will say, ‘She doesn’t love Rhys’ and ‘She’s selfish,’ but I’m 26 and I have time, and when it’s right it will happen.”

Sienna was more forthcoming when it came to sharing her feelings about her friend and probable paramour, late actor Heath Ledger.

After a dinner out with Heath, the Factory Girl actress fell in a puddle, and gallant Ledger obliged her with a pair of dry pajamas.

She later returned the pj’s, but according to Miller, “When [Heath] died, I was so sad that I didn’t have these stupid pajamas anymore, so his father found them to give to me.”