Taylor Swift Crosses Over to ‘Hannah Montana’

Taylor Swift is following in the Ugg steps of her Nashville buddy Miley Cyrus, making the leap from music to the big screen. The 18-year-old country star has a cameo in the upcoming Hannah Montana: The Movie.

The relatively low-pressure role isn’t much of a stretch for the musically inclined Swift. “I’m playing one of my own songs,” Taylor told People. “I’m just like the bar band, which is kinda fun.”

This crossover casting comes on the heels of news that American Idol finalist David Archuleta might be squeezed into the long-anticipated big-screen High School Musical.

A huge payday is quite the incentive for singing stars to step outside their comfort zones and try a different form of expression, but there should be boundaries.

If not, then movies like Cindy Crawford’s Fair Game get made. People, this is why they’re called “day jobs.”