Amy’s Hubby: ‘I Want Doherty Smashed to Pieces!’

Sitting in prison waiting to be sentenced for perverting the course of justice gives a man plenty of time to think. To stew. To cook up revenge plots against his wife’s druggie pals.

Just ask estranged Amy Winehouse husband Blake Fielder-Civil, who, according to British newspaper the Sun, offered a fellow prisoner nearly 40 grand to smash Pete Doherty “to pieces.”

Former bouncer Richard Lyttle, who had been incarcerated at Pentonville Prison in London (where Fielder-Civil is cooling his heels), claims Blake was enraged when he saw  newspaper photos of a dazed-looking Amy. Fielder-Civil became convinced that Babyshambles frontman Doherty was supplying drugs to the singer, not to mention sleeping with her.

“We were sitting in my cell, and he said, ‘If you get Doherty for me, I’ll give you £20,000.’ He kept saying, ‘Can you arrange it?’ and telling me to get some guys to his house,” Lyttle tells the paper. “He knew I used to be a doorman and knew some tough people. He said he wanted him smashed to pieces.”
Lyttle says he reported the incident to the cops, but they declined to take action.

Who can blame them? England’s legal system has already been gummed up enough dealing with Doherty.

But if Blake’s truly intent on going through with it, he should contact Pete himself. Doherty’s reportedly so broke he’d probably offer to kick his own ass—and for a lot less than 40 grand.