Ashton’s Hairy Kabbalah Connection

He’s a man of conviction…or at least of his wife’s conviction. Ashton Kutcher has been flitting about town with fur on his face all the way down to the bottom of his neck for weeks now, and everyone thought he was sacrificing his appearance for his art.

Turns out it’s a religious thing, In Touch Weekly reports. “Unlike what people think,” a source tells the mag, “Ashton is not growing a beard for a role. He is growing it because of the Jewish and Kabbalah holiday called Lag Ba’Omer. There is actually meaning behind it.”

Interesting given that in recent months, talk has been that the two had toned down the spiritual adherence. “Ashton and Demi used to have an impeccable attendance record,” a Kabballah Center insider told MSNBC, with another adding it’s been months since the couple has been seen at services or the Friday night Shabbat dinner.

Ashton has also been seen out and about without his previously ubiquitous red string. Looks like he’s had a religious resurgence.

Hey, no one’s against inner sustenance, but c’mon, don’t forget the outside. All we know is the Ash man is giving his Sexiest Man Alive perma-inclusion a hard kick in the shins.