Did Sarah Larson's Chest Scare Off George Clooney?

The speculation over George Clooney and Sarah Larson's breakup late last month continues to grow, like a pair of mammaries artificially swollen with sacks of saline.

Now, In Touch Weekly says the couple split after Larson ignored her man's wishes and underwent breast-augmentation surgery.

The magazine's source reveals, "George really didn't want her to get the boob job. Although she asked George if she could do her recovery at his house, and he agreed."

Apparently, Clooney is maintaining this hospitality toward Larson—or at least her friends. E! Online reports that George kept his prebreakup promise to let a honeymooning pal of hers use his Lake Como villa. 

Very gentlemanly, George. At least someone got a honeymoon out of you.



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  • sweet

    great!but yesterday i saw another news about his on a dating website "millionairematch.............com/photo/jiong ".i wonder whether it is true.

  • lisatee

    he was looking for an excuse to bail. "you're having your wisdom teeth removed? hmm...you've changed. i feel like i don't know you."

  • mraniston

    personally i like the smaller, natural boobs. her's are perfect! george is right.

  • ballier88

    george clooney- not a fan of big boobs? i'd never of guessed

  • rforrumor

    i would marry him even if HE got a boob job.

  • notobsessed

    she could use a boob job