‘Gossip Girl’ Spinoff Talk Squelched!

Early this morning, the Hollywood Reporter spread the news that a spinoff of the highly successful CW series Gossip Girl was in the works, to be set at a girls’ boarding school.

The trade magazine reported that the new show would branch out by “either giving costar Taylor Momsen her own series or by introducing a new character next season who is later spun off.” At the time of publication, no confirmation had been received from the network.

Now, E! Online’s Kristin Veitch reports that executive producer Josh Schwartz has denied any plans for a second series. In an email, the creator of The O.C. stated, “Not sure how this got out there, but no plans for spinoff at this moment.”

Quite frankly, working on a show called Gossip Girl should already help Josh understand how rumors like these get started.