Mariah Carey Is One Classy Bride

Oh, that Mariah Carey. She really should write an etiquette book—perhaps titled The Modern Diva’s Guide to Unbelievably Tacky Greed.

The diva’s impromptu May nuptials to singer Nick Cannon, held on the Caribbean island of Eleuthera, didn’t allow for a guest list. But according to a mass email sent out by a Carey underling, the New York Post reports the nonattendees are actually invited…to send her pricey gifts.

“Mariah’s assistant, Gina, sent out over 100 emails to her wealthy friends letting them know that she’s registered at Bergdorf Goodman if they want to buy her a present,” reveals the Post’s source. “It’s odd because she’s not even having a big wedding party or anything. It was assumed they’d have a big celebration when they got back, but no. They just want the gifts.”

The Carey insider says the registry includes “fine china” and “very expensive silver stemware,” along with other extravagances.

Egads, it sounds like Carey is even less balanced in her head than she is on her feet.

The Butterfly gal’s rep offered no comment. If only Carey herself could be convinced to offer no comment, ever again, on anything. Now, that would be a present worthy of reciprocation.

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