‘My Name Is Bond. James Bo—Aaarrgh!’

Maybe the producers of the upcoming 007 flick Quantum of Solace should toss the script and just make a documentary.

There’s been plenty of unintended action since the production began, starting with the injury of two stuntmen in April during two separate car accidents while filming in northern Italy.

Now, according to the Daily Mail, Solace star Daniel Craig has become an injury magnet.

Yesterday, the actor was rushed to the hospital when he sliced off the top of a finger on his right hand during a fight scene. 

“He went to hospital, but there were no stitches,” the source reports. “There was, however, an awful lot of blood.”

Ever the professional, Craig was back on set filming hours later. This is the fifth accident to plague the filming of Quantum, after two separate car crashes injured stunt drivers, a fire destroyed a backdrop of Venice and, last week, Craig himself received eight stitches in his face after a mishap.

It’s enough to leave any man shaken and stirred, even an ultrasuave agent like James Bond.

And that’s not even counting the biggest curse the film faces: the title. Quantum of Solace? WTF? Is this gonna be Bond’s first chick flick?