PETA Lets the Fur Fly with Olsen Twins Campaign

Apparently, People for the Ethical Treament of Animals won’t get off the Olsen twins’ backs until the tiny moguls stop covering them with fur.

Mary-Kate and Ashley turn 22 on Friday, but the only gift the animal-rights group wants to give them is humiliation.

PETA, which has long targeted the twins for their fur-wearing ways, is asking visitors to their Meet the Trollsen Twins parody site (in which the duo are referred to as “Hairy-Kate” and “Trashley”) to mail the twins their own hair, in hopes that it will convince them to stop wearing fur.

The site lists the address for the Olsens’ production company, Dualstar Entertainment, along with the instructions, “Getting a haircut soon or have a lot of extra hair on your brush? Save that hair in a bag and mail it to the twins at the address to the right with a note that says, ‘Please, use my hair instead of the animals.’ Happy Birthday.’ “

Eww, nasty! While this is a cute attention-getting gimmick, no one deserves to receive a bunch of nasty, patchouli-scented hair in the mail. Can’t you PETA guys just sit down with the Olsens and settle your differences over a bucket of KFC Extra Crispy?

Besides, if your intention is to bury the little moppets in stray locks, a letter-writing campaign isn’t really necessary. Your porn-star spokesman Ron Jeremy probably has enough loose strands in his shower drain to cover them indefinitely.