Shia LaBeouf Slap Video: Sorry All Around

Video of a seemingly wasted Shia LaBeouf goading a friend into slapping him by using the f-word (no, the other f-word) at a house party has spread across the Internet.

Naturally, the star of Indiana Jones is now playing sissy and attempting to do damage control.

The sudden pansy's rep explained to E! News, "The videotape that is currently being circulated is several years old and captures Shia playing a game among friends in which he uses a derogatory word toward a friend.... [Shia] regrets having used the word in any capacity and is very embarrassed that this footage is being seen by anyone."

Of course, it's all fun and games until some butch top pulls out the big guns and calls his bitch-slapper "sugartits."

That's when the feelings really get hurt.



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  • laurenlove2332

    why is everyone making such a big deal over this !? he was just having fun and you KNOW he didn't mean anything by it . i love shia , good thing his face is okay : )

  • Poop

    I don't see what the big deal is. I'm bi, but I just think this is funny! (And Shia's still really cute.)

  • mraniston

    i wonder how this video got leaked? anyways, its not a huge deal. its actually pretty funny

  • ballier88

    i'd like to slap him

  • missamericandream

    this is every american teenage boy in high school or college. sad, but true

  • gorillasayz

    No big deal, it was all out of fun

  • rforrumor


  • hwoodgrrl

    I hope your beautiful face is okay, Shia. Love, your Number 1 fan