Eva Longoria Parker Womb Still Fetus Free

Looks like the baby-bump watch for Eva Longoria Parker can be postponed for the time being.

Ever recurring rumors that the Desperate Housewives star is pregnant reached a fever pitch earlier this week, when she was spotted shopping in New York with B-ball hubby Tony Parker and stylist Robert Verdi.

Wearing a loose dress that seemed ideal for concealing a growing tummy, Eva appeared to be strategically hiding her midsection with a bag. In photos of the shopping excursion, sales clerks also seemed to be pointing delightedly at her belly.

But according to Verdi, all the baby talk is just a bunch of babbling, People reports.

“Eva is not pregnant,” the stylist told the mag. “Eva was holding a handbag she bought in the crook of her arm. The manager came over and said to her, ‘I love that bag.’ But in the photos, it looks like the woman is gesturing to her midsection. It’s too funny.”

And lest anyone doubt his credentials on the topic, Verdi added, “I’m not her gynecologist, but I am her stylist. I see her naked. I see her boobs! That’s the first place it would show, and it’s not showing!”

Well, there’s another mystery solved.

Unless Verdi was just looking for an excuse to tell the world that he’s seen Eva Longoria Parker naked. That’s entirely plausible, too.