Jamie Lynn Spears Cancels Trip to the Altar

Jamie Lynn Spears Cancels Trip to the Altar-photo

Apparently, all is not domestic bliss, ATVs and meat sticks in the life of Jamie Lynn Spears.

Despite earlier reports that she and baby daddy Casey Aldridge were hip-deep in the nesting process, Star magazine reveals that Jamie Lynn has deep-sixed the wedding.

"Jamie Lynn and Casey have been fighting nonstop about everything, from what to name the baby to what to eat for dinner," says the magazine's source. "And now she's called off their wedding plans."

How could this happen? The lovebirds seemed to have everything going for them. If a pregnant 17-year-old and her 19-year-old beau can't make a marriage work, does anyone stand a chance?

Meanwhile, Jamie Lynn's bundle of joy should be dropping down the chute any day now, and the mama-to-be has moved back to the Spears family's curiously named Louisiana estate, Serenity.

She and mom Lynn are "busy decorating the family nursery," according to a second insider.

No doubt Jamie Lynn has her hands full with that—it can't be easy finding wallpaper decorated with tractor pulls and deep-fried Twinkies.
Lynne is pretty busy, too; in addition to setting up house for her impending grandkid, her book project, which was shelved after news of Jamie Lynn's pregnancy broke, is back on, with a slated September release date, according to People.

Rather than a parenting-advice book, as was previously anticipated, the tome will be a memoir that will "express her love for her children and tell their stories through a mother's eyes."

Awesome, it should make a fine companion piece to Mommie Dearest.



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  • reddesires

    Shes smart for not marring this gold digger, she should look at her sister an learn. Look at the cost of getting rid of K fed the leach. She needs to just take care of herself and baby and grow up together.

  • buzzbuddy

    Seriously! Did they think they stood a chance?? WAY too young!

  • drama4mama

    of course they're fighting.... they're teenagers.

  • rforrumor

    tractor pulls and deep-fried Twinkies.... THAT is how pregnant women should live out their 9 months. Nicole Kidman could get a lesson or two from Jamie Lynn.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    This will make the kid even less legitimate than the rest of the family.