Jen and Angelina to Battle It out…in Theaters

By either coincidence or sly marketing, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston’s new movies will premiere on the same day this fall. Jolie’s Clint Eastwood-directed Changeling will square off against Aniston’s celebrity-studded romantic comedy He’s Just Not That into You on Oct. 24. Get out your bikinis, and fill the ring with mud, folks—we got us a she-battle!

Jolie is reportedly already generating Oscar buzz for her role as a kidnapped boy’s mother, with one Variety critic saying, “Her performance hits home.” Others say Aniston (who plays Ben Affleck’s sweetheart in the new flick), arguably, seems to have the advantage when it comes to raking in the bucks at the moviehouse.

“Aniston is more relatable to moviegoers and can star in these romantic comedies or dramas more successfully than Jolie,” Brandon Gray, publisher of film Website Box Office Mojo, tells Us magazine.

“Angelina has tried to have variety in her career, but time and time again, she goes back to these vixen or bad-girl roles,” Gray says. “She’s had some success in those, but when she’s strayed from it, she’s flopped.”

Jolie still makes more money than Aniston, however, earning $12 million to $15 million a movie as opposed to Jen’s $8 million. Aniston needs to renegotiate something.

The lovely ladies and their dramatic media-fueled feud first gained the tireless attention of the worldwide press in 2005, after Aniston and husband Brad Pitt split and he almost immediately began dating his Mr. and Mrs. Smith costar.

Despite having four children (three adopted and one biological) together and twins on the way (or already born and nesting in France, depending on whom you believe), how Angelina’s relationship with Brad came to be is still the hottest topic around.

Aniston has moved on to musician John Mayer, but it’s still highly doubtful that Jen and Angie will be carpooling to work any time soon. May the best flick win!