L.C. and Audrina Patridge Bury the Hatchet?

L.C. and Audrina Patridge Bury the Hatchet?-photo

Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge have either settled their differences or one of the Hills writers has penned a teary reunion scene.

The battling pseudo-reality starlets were spotted leaving L.A.'s Crown Bar last night, holding hands like there was no such thing as Audrina being kicked out of the house. What a difference a rewrite makes!

Conrad and Patridge recently had a falling-out due to Patridge allowing OK! magazine to photograph her in the backyard of the house she shares with L.C. and new best friend Lauren "Lo" Bosworth.

Lauren reportedly arrived home to find a photo shoot going on in "her" home and pitched an appropriate reality-television wobby on Patridge.

Conrad is said to have been furious because she had promised an exclusive on the backyard to another publication.

Boy, the back of that house must be pretty hot. They must have a fountain or something equally grand to be causing all this commotion.

Patridge is also said to have been confronted with a note on the front door one day telling her she needed to vacate the premises.

All seems to have been forgiven, for now.

That or we've all just been suckered in by some very viral marketing for the new season of The Hills.



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  • hispanicatthedisco

    Laura better watch out, Audrina will cut her with those hipbones if she acts up.

  • cameronkitty

    what is audrina wearing? a zip up vest top?

  • nadia1990

    i hate what lauren is wearing i realy hate that color green audrina love her style and i think she should choose any bf she likes its her own life thats my opinion i thought they r not friends anymore gd they are lc nd audrina nice persons

  • lisatee

    lauren is so doing the walk of shame.

  • buzzbuddy

    I think this was all scripted for the show!

  • mcdreamyisme

    dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb

  • dancingqueen

    i hope they never become friends again. i hate audrina, and she needs to be cut out of the hills