Angelina and Brad Want French Kids

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt seem to be settling into France for good. Not only have they purchased Chateau Miraval for $70 million, but they are making sure their children are hard at work learning French. Zoot alors!

“They’ve got Maddox signed up in the nearest school to their château, and he’ll carry on where he left off at his French school in New Orleans,” a source told E! Online.

Angie is making the other kids watch their cartoons in French, as opposed to the English-language ones on cable. You haven’t lived until you’ve witnessed Dora the Explorer yell “Swiper, balayant!” at that fox that’s always confounding her.

“The French teacher’s coming three times a week and spending time with all of the children, as well as Brad and Angelina,” adds the source.

The other Jolie-Pitt children besides Maddox will be enrolled in French-speaking nursery school in September.

Jolie and Pitt are currently awaiting the birth of their twins, who are due next month.

No word on whether tiny berets and mini-baguettes will be awaiting them upon arrival.