Chris Martin Pitches a Hissy Fit

Chris Martin Pitches a Hissy Fit-photo

Chris Martin: Singer. Songwriter. Unbelievable pain in the ass.

The Coldplay frontman threw a tantrum and walked out of a BBC interview on Thursday, simply because he found the process of answering questions too burdensome, according to E! Online.

And they were questions about his music, as personal queries had already been deemed off-limits.

Martin's tantrum (hear the whole thing here) ensued after interviewer John Wilson asked if the new album's title, Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends, might indicate a preoccupation with death. Martin responded by accusing Wilson of "journalistically twisting me into saying something I don't really mean."

Then after a follow-up question on the lyrics, Martin stood up and left, declaring he was "not really enjoying this" and that "I just don't really like having to talk about things."

Uh, Chris? It's an interview. Pretty much requires talking. And the purpose is to sell your new album and bring you wads of money. Geez, maybe you're still mad about that whole Brad Pitt thing?

Coldplay drummer Will Champion was left to finish the sit-down while Martin presumably stomped his feet in the hallway, fuming at the inhumanity of it all. Eventually he returned, to a question about whether the new album finds the band exploring "new musical territory."

"Um...yes, yes, yes...exactly," Martin replied.

Maybe he should have asked the rocker if his four-year-old daughter, Apple, resents having to be the mature one in the family.



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  • Maria

    chris martin is amazing. he's not the only one who would leave an interview if he wasn't feeling comfortable. he is one of the greatest artists and i'm sure he had a good reason to leave.

  • ballier88

    the tapes not bad at all dude

  • mcdreamyisme

    yeah he's a celeb, they're allowed to be divas, didn't you know?

  • yeahright

    C'mon people! Listen to the sound bite. This has been blown way out of proportion. He's a talented, sensitive guy. Besides... Wanna know how I know you're gay? ...Because you like Coldplay. ;)

  • hwoodgrrl

    doesnt an interview involved "talking about things?" dummy