Denise Richards, Queen of the Harpies

Better put the cork back in the champagne bottle, it looks like the truce between Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards will be a little longer in coming.

The Complicated Life star sat down with AOL to dish on her new reality series and other future endeavors. After broaching the “possibility” of posing for Playboy again, she launched into a tirade of naked aggression aimed at her ex-husband.

“I’ve started responding after three years of his lies,” the self-syled victim declared. “Every day, Charlie puts a new thing out there. He said I tried to crash his wedding, and that I wanted an early copy of OK magazine, and that I got a $40 million divorce settlement. All of that is garbage. He needs to shut up.”

Her biggest gripe about her ongoing feud with Chuckles? The rumor that “I wanted Charlie’s sperm. Why? I’m in a bitter divorce with him. I had to have an AIDS test after I left him. Why would I want his sperm? I don’t care. I’m done with Charlie. I’m at a point where I’m sick of it, and now I’ll just talk because I’ve had three years of this.”

So, wait…you’re done with Sheen and you’re sick of the trash talk, but you’re going to keep it going because you’ve put up with it for so long?

Guess things really are complicated for you.

Even so, it’s hard not to feel for the poor girl. The way the media keeps picking over her private life, you’d almost think she invited them to do so. Oh, wait….