Does Sunny Gwen Stefani Want a Goth Baby?

Does Sunny Gwen Stefani Want a Goth Baby?-photo

There's no doubt singer Gwen Stefani is expecting to be delivering her and husband Gavin Rossdale's second child in the coming weeks.

With the baby on its way, former Bush frontman Gavin revealed to British OK! magazine that the couple didn't yet know the sex of the baby but said they planned to have the nursery be "a black room."

According to Gavin, "It'll be a goth baby, so it doesn't matter if it is a boy or a girl."

Great. Because there aren't going to be enough flat-ironed, black-nail-polished emo babies running around L.A. already.



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  • flirtyfabulous

    The baby is going to be so cute... goth or not.

  • mraniston

    she looks great for being pregnant. and i like that hat on her

  • bawwow

    cutest. family. ever.

  • hwoodgrrl

    I like the black and white theme goin on in the pictures - way to match it up at the beach

  • buzzbuddy

    A goth baby? What does that even mean?