Gallery: Stars Keep Cool in Hot NYC

While many regular Joes dread the approach of the summer heat for fear of being forced to expose white winter flesh that has grown thick and flaccid from months of indoor sloth, one upside is getting to check out the hard bodies of celebrities.

Warm-weather hotties like Hilary Duff, Mario Lopez and Molly Sims are contractually obligated to keep those tushies, biceps and pecs firm, lest a role call for an impromptu bikini scene.

Thankfully, these sweltering stars keep in shape so the rest of the world doesn’t have to. The shots at right give you a peek at some casual California summer fashions being sported in NYC. Then click through to our chock-full gallery.

And, okay fine, maybe some of these folks are less than svelte. But they were only included to remind you that fabulousness is not synonymous with fame.