John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston’s Night with Friends

Celebrating their ninth anniversary earlier in the evening (as well as daughter Coco’s fourth birthday), Courteney Cox and David Arquette enjoyed a dinner at Los Angeles steakhouse STK with It couple Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer. The event was held to honor humanitarian Jeffrey Sachs.

According to a witness who dished to Us magazine, John and Jen “had their arms around each other. She was rubbing his back and whispering into his ear. They were touching each other nonstop all night.” Maybe this relationship is something of an anniversary present for Cox and Arquette?

Recently spotted at a Marley & Me cast party in Miami, John and Jen seem to be growing more comfortable, allowing the world to see them in all their budding-romance glory.

They should just take the hint from Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson, and dry-hump in front of the whole world if they feel like it. Look how successful their relationship continues to be.