Lindsay Better Hope Samantha Doesn’t See These…

Lindsay Lohan has gone straight-for-pay on her latest film. The brave young actress was photographed in a kissing scene with *gasp* a man on the set of her next (and only) flick, Labor Pains. Yesterday, shots leaked of her in her fake baby belly. It’s breeder heaven.

‘Cept this is not going to bode well for her recent reunion with her lanky ladyfriend, Samantha Ronson. Don’t worry, DJ Sam, it doesn’t look like your girl was very into it. It’s just a role, remember.

Despite a very public fight at a restaurant last weekend that ended with Lohan leaving Ronson in the lurch, the “couple” were happy anew on the Labor Pains set this week. There was kissing, squeezing and probably the sharing of many cigs and Red Bulls.

Don’t let this one heterosexual incident throw a wrench into your Sapphic love! Lindsay’s just doing her job! And it’s not liable to happen again, seeing as she’s not a very good actress.

This latest failure will just lead to the inevitable Lindsay Loves DJ Sammy reality show on the CW, and then you can settle down and raise llamas in your Birkenstocks. And there will be no men around to threaten your girl love.