Mariah Carey's Wedding-Bell Blues

Mariah Carey's Wedding-Bell Blues-photo

Mariah Carey just can't catch a break in this mean old world.

The singer, who tied the knot with Nick Cannon in a small Bahamian ceremony last month, had hoped to hold a more elaborate ceremony back in the States. Unfortunately, it looks like financial complications may put the kibosh on the celebration, according to MSNBC.

"The small wedding in the Bahamas was nice, but it was not Mariah's style. The lady loves a spectacle," notes a Carey insider.

Unfortunately, Mimi had "hoped to pay for the wedding...through the sale of photos. No one was interested."

What's that? How could this be? Doesn't the media realize how big an opportunity this is, how rare it is for Mariah Carey to have her picture taken? The woman is such a recluse, many Americans are convinced that she's some type of legend like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster.

Oh, well, even if the media has no love for Mimi, Cannon is still well on his way to becoming the most subservient husband ever. According to In Touch Weekly, when the Roll Bounce actor visited the Oahu, Hawaii, set of her "I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time" video, he made sure not to arrive empty-handed.

Nick reportedly picked up some sweets for her at See's Candies, before buying her a little something at Tiffany & Co., which he "put in a regular paper bag, so he could surprise her."

Bet she'd really be surprised if he didn't show up with something for her.



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  • daiska

    it's oo funny. they might not break up til........ next year.i'll give ' em a few months!!

  • jet

    Whatever! she's happy, he's happy right, NOW that's reality, tomorrow is just that. you haters go pull wings off flies, and give them a break .

  • mraniston

    Haha this is great!! Poor Mariah and Canon. I can't wait for the seperation news in July

  • hwoodgrrl

    or maybe no one rsvped

  • buzzbuddy

    Not even OK! wanted the pictures? Now thats sad