Mario Lopez and Nick Adams: Panties in a Wad

Mario Lopez and Nick Adams: Panties in a Wad-photo

It's been whispered along the Great White Way that in an effort to show off his "guns," Mario Lopez has insisted upon wearing short sleeves on the Broadway stage during his Chorus Line performances, instead of the long-sleeve tan sweater traditionally worn by his character, Zach.

Additionally, Lopez has asked that young costar Nick Adams wear more than a tank top to cover his muscles. Ideally, Adams should veil his beefy frame in a baggy hoodie when dancing next to Mario.

Enter men's underwear company 2(xist).

Page Six reports that Lopez was bumped out of consideration for 2(xist)'s new ad campaign after company reps got an eyeful of Adams.

The company's creative director, Jason Scarlatti, gushed, "Mario is a good-looking guy, but Nick had it. He's up and coming, the new face of sexy."

Hmmm, face isn't exactly the first word that comes to mind...



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  • buzzbuddy

    Who cares as long as we can just look at their bodies! Oww Oww

  • lisatee

    maybe mario should bring back his curly mullet - revamp his image.

  • ballier88

    these dudes need to kiss and makeup....or whatever else they do

  • mraniston

    battle of the broadway bitches

  • blondebomb33

    wow the other kid is HOT

  • drama4mama

    Uh oh someone's feelin a little jealous

  • neverneverland

    Mario's face is better looking, but who knows who's better endowed down there.

  • hwoodhills

    Dude, C'mon, Slater...If you wanna look hunky and impress the lllllladies, you've gotta do more time in the gym. (Otherwise Zach or Screetch are gonna take your place on the wrestling team.)