Nicky Hilton: Now Even More Triangular

Nicky Hilton: Now Even More Triangular-photo

Nicky Hilton, sister to Valtrex poster girl Paris Hilton, was snapped staggering around West Hollywood, hopefully in search of food.

It's not like she can't afford to eat. She's rich, and her boyfriend, David Katzenberg (son of movie mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg), is SUPERRICH. They can afford a Hot Pocket or two.

Nicky recently witnessed big sister Paris get cut in two by Las Vegas magicians Jeff Beacher and Nathan Burton at the Mirage Hotel & Casino.

Not only was she probably wishing it wasn't an illusion, she was also probably wondering if she could implement being sawed in two as her new weight loss plan.

Can't you hear it now? "Seriously, you guys, I totally don't need the lower half of my torso! It's so, like, heavy."



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  • punkgirlrox

    People should be throwing food at her hoping that they can make it go into her mouth.

  • hwoodgrrl

    I wonder what made her lose all that weight. Seriously....she was definetly a lot healthier looking last year!

  • ballier88

    i dont find her attractive at all anymore.

  • missamericandream

    yeah...shes definetely SCARY skinny and probably anorexic or on drugs

  • blondebomb33

    WOW she's skinny.