Pete Says His Only Twins Are Ashlee’s Mammaries

During a radio interview with a Phoenix station Thursday morning, Pete Wentz chatted about impending fatherhood, gushing that he and new wife Ashlee Simpson “have been keeping a journal for them.”

Taking “them” as a clue that the Wentzes are expecting double bundles of joy, Perez Hilton reported that he called Pete to confirm.

According to the limp-tressed rocker, twins are not what he meant.

“I can tell you we are absolutely not having twins,” Pete backpedaled with Perez. “I totally misspoke, ’cause we dunno if it’s a boy or girl. I try to speak vaguely, and I totally blew it on this one.”

Since this comes from a man who is known to deny the obvious until the last possible moment, it’s hard to know what to believe, though one look at Ashlee’s belly reveals she’s probably not harboring two little ones in her womb.

That is, unless she’s on the Nicole Kidman gestation cycle, in which case she might just be housing triplets.