Video Proof: Kanye West Hates Rowdy People

Video Proof: Kanye West Hates Rowdy People-photo

Apparently, Kanye West isn't a proponent of the "Stop Snitching" philosophy.

The rapper halted his performance in Minneapolis on Tuesday night when a couple of fans threw an unidentified object toward the stage.

Kanye asked his audience to rat out the offenders, according to People magazine, so the miscreants could be tossed from the venue.

"It really throws me off to have some [stuff] thrown on the stage," West barked from his raised pulpit. "You can see I'm trying to do something different here."

Totally. When you're in the middle of regaling the crowd with tales of your own awesomeness, having something tossed in your direction can really throw you off your game.

"If anybody knows who did it, point them out," West told the crowd. After the house lights came up, audience members fingered two attendees, who, sure enough, were escorted from the concert, to the cheers of the throng.

What, no trial or anything? Kanye West concerts are apparently a lot like Gitmo. Geez, man, way to overreact! They were probably just tossing you a note asking you to STFU with the bragging, and sing a song already.

See it go down in the video below:





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  • cameronkitty

    He's freakin awesome!

  • hwoodgrrl

    hahaha this is great! He needs to chill out with his egomania for reals~

  • pictureperfect

    People who disrupt concerts like that are up to no good. It was a good decision to make them leave. And everyone else just wants to enjoy the concert.

  • dancingqueen

    that's retarded. they paid to be there, they shouldn't get kicked out. and the people in the audience who snitched are LAME