Heidi and Spencer Are Packing Heat

Run for The Hills! Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are armed!

The couple dropped into the Martin B. Retting gun shop in Culver City, California, and they weren’t there to ask directions to the nearest tanning salon.

The young Republicans apparently exercised their right to bear arms by purchasing a firearm.

This can only end well. For real. It’s only a matter of time before Spencer asks Heidi to peer down his gun barrel and tell him if the bullet looks like it’s growing bigger or smaller, quickly followed by Spencer dashing to the Mexican border in a bad brunette wig and a fake mustache.

According to Pratt, they were picking up a piece “for Heidi’s protection.”

It might be more prudent for them to seek “protection” in the form of a case of Trojans.

Because if Speidi end up spawning and creating a creature with both of their traits, everybody’s gonna be making a run to the gun shop.