Amy Winehouse Hospitalized After $2 Million Binge

And Paris Hilton probably thought she was hot stuff with her $30,000 club appearances.

According to the New York Daily News, Amy Winehouse received $2 million from Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich to perform at his girlfriend’s Moscow art gallery, the Garage, Thursday night.

But even the prospect of landing that kind of dough for a quick, hourlong show couldn’t deter the increasingly erratic belter—who already boasts a $20 million fortune, according to the Sunday Timesannual Rich List—from her partying ways.

According to a source, by the time she exited her plane in Moscow, she “was in no condition to appear.”

Though scheduled to take the stage at 10:30 p.m., Winehouse didn’t go on until well past midnight, after her handlers had made nonstop attempts to pull her into shape.

Even then, Winehouse was wobbly at best, at one point tugging on her skimpy dress and revealing to the crowd that she was going commando. (Earlier this month, Winehouse put on a similarly shambolic show at the Rock in Rio festival in Portugal.)

Once back in London, the drama continued. According to British music mag NME, Winehouse collapsed at her home on Monday and was taken “to hospital,” where she’s undergoing tests and may be kept overnight for observation.

The cause of Amy’s fainting spell is unclear.

Whether the same can be said of her career remains to be seen. If her current streak of self-destruction and shoddy gigs keeps up, Wine-O might have to change the occupation listed on her passport from “entertainer” to “professional trainwreck.”

Though, with the kind of paychecks the girl has been pulling in, she’s not likely to care. Two million bucks buys a lot of crack, especially when you’re purchasing in bulk.