Das Booty: The Kim Kardashian Story

Kim Kardashian
and sister Kourtney continued their Most Awesome Monaco Adventure yesterday, boarding a yacht and hitting the high seas. As usual, the pair had a delightful time, guzzling bubbly and catching rays in their skimpy bikinis.

The day’s only hitch occurred when a Greenpeace vessel engaged the yacht after mistaking Kim’s backside for a pair of sea lions trapped in a gunnysack.

Recently Kim’s been plagued by rumors that her boyfriend, New Orleans Saints footballer Reggie Bush, has been seeing another woman. Kim put on her blogging mittens Friday and addressed the issue at OfficialKimKardashian.com:

“This is totally false and Reggie does not know this person nor has he even met her. There were also rumors about some drama at a basketball game. Again, none of this is true.”

She went on to note, “But if I ever find out that Reggie has been stepping out with another woman, I will track the hussy down and crush her beneath the awesome weight of my massive buttocks.”

Actually, she wrote no such thing. But she may have been thinking it. No way in the world she doesn’t know the incredible weapon she has at her disposal.

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