Dennis Quaid’s Wife Shows Off Her Perky Twins

That overdose scare at Cedars-Sinai looks like a faint memory, with G.I. Joe star Dennis Quaid, his wife Kimberly and a stroller built for two leisurely rambling through Maui with twin babies Thomas and Zoe Quaid. And they are a perky pair!

At the Maui Film Festival, Quaid received honors and reminisced about how he realized as a teenager what career path he would choose.

“I knew what I wanted to do with my life, and I was like 19. Luckily, I’ve been able to still be here. My greatest accomplishment is that I’m still here, to tell you the truth.”

When he’s back from his Hawaiian idyll, Quaid will be packing up the loved ones and shipping out to Texas to raise the babies in relative sanity (Houston or Austin, depending on whom you believe).

On a side note, ladies, if you’re beating yourselves up because Kimberly looks so svelte after welcoming two new babies into the world, don’t.

Unless, of course, the surrogate mother is now as skinny as Mrs. Quaid, in which case, resume self-flagellation.