Ethan Hawke’s Impending and Present Fatherhood

Holy pregnant nanny!

Well, she’s not the nanny anymore. Ryan Shawhughes is about to be the mother of Ethan Hawke’s baby, and she’s also his future wife.

The two were allegedly seen applying for a marriage license early this month, and were spotted together on Father’s Day in New York City with Ethan’s kids from his marriage to Uma Thurman.

The 37-year-old Training Day star walked with his nine-year-old daughter Maya Ray and six-year-old son Levon Roan.

Super-pregnant Shawhughes lumbered along, as if she expected the next addition to Hawke’s brood to drop out on the sidewalk at any moment.

Ethan’s two kids seem comfortable enough with dad’s new relationship, enjoying the holiday with their grunge-era icon.

Still, Ethan needs to cheer up. It could be worse.

He could experience the kind of paparazzi onslaught faced by Brangelina—or be dealing with a real stalker, like the maniac trailing his ex-wife.

Buck up, man. Reality doesn’t bite quite that badly.