Joel Madden Is Clearly Bored

Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden posted an elaborate con on the band’s Website Saturday, claiming that he and Nicole Richie had, yes, wed. The post was titled “WE DID IT!! NICOLE AND I FINALLY GOT MARRIED!!” It included photos, one of a wedding cake and the other of two apes in wedding finery.

No word on whether Nicole was insulted by being depicted by her boyfriend as an ape in wedding dress. 

But the bigger problem was he didn’t even let anyone get suckered in, as the click-through immediately fessed up, “HAHA. Just kidding.”

Madden wrote that he played the lame joke in answer to a story by Star magazine that he and the mother of his child, Harlow, were planning a $2 million wedding on June 29 that was to take place at the Bel-Air estate of Nicole’s father, Lionel Richie, and have Pretty in Pink as its theme. That’s reason enough to call off a wedding.

Benji’s twin bro said he had been getting calls from family and friends wondering why they hadn’t been invited.

“Sooooo if you were pissed at me for not inviting you or even telling you, dont blame me,” he wrote in the King’s English, “theres nothing to worry about. Its just star magazine. How long do you think it will be before they write we called it off, or we broke up? i give them a week or two.”

Well, at least he has a solid understanding of how the tabloids work.

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