Kanye West Gets Blasted at Bonnaroo

Hurling objects at the stage during Kanye West concerts appears to be the hot new trend.

Just days after the contentious rapper halted a Minneapolis concert and had fans ejected from the venue because someone threw something toward the stage, concertgoers at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Nashville, Tennessee, angrily pelted his stage with glowsticks and chanted “Kanye sucks,” notes the Tennessean.

The crowd grew agitated when West’s performance, initially scheduled for 2:45 a.m., was continually pushed back as crew members struggled to assemble his elaborate stage set, complete with an interplanetary landscape and spaceship.

Ken Weinstein, a spokesman for the festival, maintained the delay was due to Pearl Jam playing an hour past its scheduled time. But the legendarily boastful West could surely have taken the stage earlier if he wasn’t making a grandiose attempting to re-create 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Maybe the Bonnaroo backlash (as it will surely be referred to in history books) will remind Kanye he should keep his feet on the ground instead of plotting universal conquest.

Yeah, right. Scientists will find life on Mars before this guy submits to an ego check.