Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong: The New Bradys?

Can Kate Hudson please just stop playing coy about her relationship with Lance Armstrong already? Clearly, the two are veering further from casual territory by the day.

The couple enjoyed a Father’s Day brunch at Brooklyn eatery Frankie’s 457 yesterday, toting their collective brood (Hudson’s four-year-old son, Ryder, Lance’s eight-year-old son, Luke, and six-year-old twins Isabelle and Grace). Also in attendance was Black Crowes singer and Hudson ex-husband Chris Robinson, who brought along his girlfriend, according to Us magazine.

“They were corralling all these kids together,” noted a witness. “It was really all about the kids.” The source also revealed that Ryder—Robinson’s son with Hudson—”was very comfortable with Lance. He ran right toward him!”

The Father’s Day gathering was preceded by an action-packed weekend in Canada for Kate and Lance. Armstrong raised more than $1 million for cancer research during his 72-mile “Ride with Lance” charity bike trek in Waterloo, Ontario, on Saturday.

Later that night, the couple was spotted in the lobby of their midtown Toronto hotel, entwined in a romantic embrace. “He was laughing, and she was laughing, and they put their arms around each other,” one onlooker told People. “It was sweet.”


Until Owen Wilson shows up on your doorstep at 3 a.m., weeping and asking if he can stay over for the night. Don’t let him in, kids. If there’s one lesson you should have taken from You, Me and Dupree, it’s that Owen makes a really bad houseguest.