Katherine Heigl: The Critics Hate Her, Too

Reluctant television star Katherine Heigl decided to withdraw her Emmy nomination this year, seemingly for reasons of quality control.

For her pains, the 27 Dresses perfectionist has received a sharp rebuke from New York magazine TV writer Emma Rosenblum.

In an open letter addressed to “Katherine (Kate? Katie?),” Rosenblum criticizes Heigl for appearing “ungrateful” for snubbing her Emmy nod.

In addition, Emma lists other occasions in which Katherine has appeared self-righteous: the T.R. Knight-versus-Isaiah Washington debacle, as well as Heigl’s post-Knocked Up critique of that movie’s thematic treatment of women.

“Stop pissing off your writers and directors and castmates,” Rosenblum says in summation. “We want to like you, Katherine, really. Please stop making it so hard to do so.”

Why doesn’t the girl solve everyone’s problems and take a screenwriting class?

Surely, she’ll be able to come up with something that adequately showcases her considerable cleavage acting talents.