Katherine Heigl: The Critics Hate Her, Too

Katherine Heigl: The Critics Hate Her, Too-photo

Reluctant television star Katherine Heigl decided to withdraw her Emmy nomination this year, seemingly for reasons of quality control.

For her pains, the 27 Dresses perfectionist has received a sharp rebuke from New York magazine TV writer Emma Rosenblum.

In an open letter addressed to "Katherine (Kate? Katie?)," Rosenblum criticizes Heigl for appearing "ungrateful" for snubbing her Emmy nod.

In addition, Emma lists other occasions in which Katherine has appeared self-righteous: the T.R. Knight-versus-Isaiah Washington debacle, as well as Heigl's post-Knocked Up critique of that movie's thematic treatment of women.

"Stop pissing off your writers and directors and castmates," Rosenblum says in summation. "We want to like you, Katherine, really. Please stop making it so hard to do so."

Why doesn't the girl solve everyone's problems and take a screenwriting class?

Surely, she'll be able to come up with something that adequately showcases her considerable cleavage acting talents.



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  • tracimac

    Maybe Katherine should be good to her writers so they would want to give her better scripts. She must not understand that there are better ways to go about getting what she wants. She'll be lucky if they don't write her off the show now, and I think the audience would be quite pleased. It's too bad Miranda put Izzy in charge of the clinic.

  • jharv

    This woman defines stank. Stank looks at her and says "wow, I need to step my stank game up."

  • nnfh100204

    p.s. I also understand the need to express how you feel. Especially when you are a celebrity and people are constantly up your butt. But, the politics of the game are to bitch about how you really feel to people who wont put it all over the internet and make you look like an a-hole. I mean obvs its hard to not turn into a robot in hollywood. I get that. There are some rouge actors and actresses that are trying to stay away from all the bulls**t. You just need to tweak your public persona so that you are still respected as a serious actress and maintaing your integrity. I know it seems I have alot to say,but I too am trying real hard to like you too. With so much crap going on in hollywood these days, I am losing faith. My personal opinion as to why movies and tv are doing so badly is that others feel the same way. Its hard to idolize someone you dont respect.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    She's a deplorable, horrible human being. She gave my cousin shingles just by looking at him.

  • nnfh100204

    You know, there are ways to express your feelings without pissing on the people who are trying to help you, Katherine. I think I understand what you are trying to say. You felt you were a victim of hollywood and ratings instead of being showcased as a serious actress. Well, honey....welcome to Hollywood. Thats what happens when you sign a contract and choose to represant a tv show. Surely you knew that? Unless you own the tv show, or have so much money that you dont need the show anymore, then i suggest you say thank you to all the hardworking people who make it able for you to even have a hollywood career. If you have certain expectations for your career, then you should write your own scripts for everything your involved in. That way when things go wrong theres only you to blame. In other words, dont bite the hand that feed you. Your attempt to be unpretentious has bitten you in the arss.

  • mraniston

    She needs to quit talking or else she's going to tarnished her reputation even more than she already has. Just shut up and look cute...youll be fine!

  • notobsessed

    27 dresses was cute!

  • rforrumor

    ouch the cleavage comment was a low blow

  • buzzbuddy

    So a woman has an opinion about the profession in which she's been working for years and she gets hung out to dry (?) Emma Rosenblum can go suck one of her fertility-clinic frozen eggs.