Kira Plastinina Dresses Plastic People

Kira Plastinina Dresses Plastic People-photo

Russian fashion-designer wunderkind Kira Plastinina, 15, is on the fast track to international success, recently launching a teen-geared clothing line here in the United States.

With a clientele ranging from "Kim Kardashian's tall sister" to a secondary character on The Hills, Kira's pitching her whimsical wares to a willing if vapid range of human  clothes hangers.

To be fair, Katharine McPhee, Hayden Panettiere and Chris Brown actually possess the semblance of talent, and they also showed up to support Kira's U.S. launch event.

The princess of plastic herself, Paris Hilton, has given Kira her stamp of approval by bringing her wonky eye to the show, securing Palastinina's status as an up-and-coming designer to the talentless yet inexplicably famous.

By the way, JoJoto judge by her outfit—is now selling Mary Kay cosmetics and enjoys water aerobics and picking up her kids from soccer practice in her silver Pontiac after settling down and marrying some businessman in Orange County.

In case you were wondering why she suddenly looks 40 years old.



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  • barkley11

    Um, isn't she the daughter of a russian multi millionaire ?? Talk about easy way in.

  • Kimberley

    I went to Kira's store on Robertson Blvd expecting great things, but I was definitely let down. I didn't buy anything and her clothes are sort of kiddish, especially the accessories. It was definitely hype - I hope her future collections will impress me.

  • mightgopop

    So rad! check out her work:

  • stylista

    YEP! Check this out ... H O T !

  • celeb2thrill

    lovely ... i heard she's doing Danity Kane's clothes too! has anyone seen em yet?

  • margo pavloff
    margo pavloff

    I wonder who her father is)))) BTW, we have her shop in Kiev on Kreshcatik, not far from the place where the Orange revolution was. You know, I like her things. Recently, i've bought a dress and stockings with 'holes')

  • mraniston

    Am i missing something? Who is this girl and why are these people showing up for her crap?

  • notobsessed

    EWW?? WTF??

  • gossipguy

    she's 15? man those over-achieving russians.