'Kit Kittredge' Brings the Cute...

'Kit Kittredge' Brings the Cute...-photo

Awwww. What else can you say when confronted with an onslaught of Tinseltown tots all dolled up for Kit Kittredge, the first of many American Girl movies?

It's a feel-good flick from a feel-good franchise, and stars felt good about showing up with their little ones. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith brought son Trey, from Will's previous marriage, as well as his Pursuit of Happiness costar Jaden to their sister Willow's big debut.

Perky-to-a-fault Abigail Breslin was on hand, natch. She plays the titular character, a perky-to-a-fault nine-year-old in the time of the Great Depression who has big dreams of being a journalist and an even bigger attitude of stick-to-itiveness and resiliency.

Also in attendance: Chris O'Donnell with wife Caroline and Lily, Christopher and Charlie, three of his, count 'em, five kids; Lisa Kudrow and son Julian; Emma Roberts; Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna with Delilah and Amelia.

All seemed happy to have just a little cinematic something for their little girls, who tend to get forgotten in yet another summer of rock-'em-sock-'em superheroes, mythical wizards and fat, furry martial artists.

Whet your appetite with the Kit Kittredge trailer...



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  • tigressanele

    Will Smith has a pretty family

  • mraniston

    ya, wills kids are growing up fast!!!

  • angel

    happy fathers day to will he is a beautiful guy.

  • angel

    will smith is a brilliant actor, the most sexiest man alive , a great dad and a very nice guy,such a family man, all in one package he is the only man that i have ever seen every where he goes he has his first son with him as well, oh god i get goose boms seeing this beautiful sight, and jeda is one lucky woman and she sure knows it, you better treat will very good other wise women are standing in line waiting for him, he is too hot and too good for the words, i love and adore him.

  • notobsessed

    Aww, sounds cute! If i was a little girl I'd be dying and begging the parentals to take me.

  • buzzbuddy

    Is it me or is Will's oldest son Trey turning into a hottie?

  • flirtyfabulous

    Will Smith and his family are the cutest I've ever seen.