Paula Abdul: Singularly Crazy

Despite reports that American Idol curiosity Paula Abdul is suddenly single once again, rep Jeffrey Ballard tells E! Online her relationship with restaurateur J.T. Torregiani actually flatlined months ago.

Well, you try having dinner with a woman who bursts into tears during the appetizer and then passes out face down in her entrée!

“They broke up months ago,” Ballard says, adding that the two are no longer living together and J.T. is staying with a friend in the Hollywood Hills. Hopefully it’s a friend who doesn’t need to add copious amounts of Vicodin to their smoothies.

Ballard claims the two “are still friendly.” Wait until he starts receiving greeting cards penned in blood.

Torregiani is a partner in the Dolce Group, which has on its roster Los Angeles eateries Ketchup, Geisha House and Dolce.

The twosome’s last public appearance was when they celebrated Torregiani’s birthday at Eva Longoria’s restaurant Beso on May 19.

Paula Abdul appeared on Today last year to tell Matt Lauer Torregiani was “a good guy…Things are looking good right now.”

Well, they were.

Oddly enough, Torregiani’s publicist states that J.T. and Paula are still dating. Has someone gotten into Paula’s pill stash?

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