Anne Hathaway Has Two Reasons to Smile

It’s no easy feat to out-glam comedic dreamboat Steve Carell, but Anne Hathaway did the trick at Monday night’s Get Smart premiere in Westwood, California.

The big-screen remake of the ’60s TV classic puts Carell in the role of inept snooper Maxwell Smart, and Hathaway portrays his competent and far sexier partner, Agent 99.

Anne kept her smile on high beams throughout the evening, despite upheaval in her house of love.

The Daily Mail reports that the Devil Wears Prada star has dumped longtime boyfriend Raffaello Follieri. Raffaello’s legal entanglements had threatened to tarnish Anne’s more-pure-than-Katherine Heigl image.

Plus, Anne apparently didn’t like the idea of date night being restricted to a conjugal visit.

Bet Raffi’s gonna miss her by more than that much.

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